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Custom covers
By febbraio 04, 2019 0 Comment

Custom covers

Of our customers ask how to make customized lines for our lines, in this brief guide we want to explain in a very simple way to produce a suitable graphic file for this type of processing.

The general rule for custom covers is +4 +6

This means that based on the format we are creating we need to add + 4cm and + 6cm

To give a practical example, if we are making a 30x40 format photo book, the cover file must be 34x46 cm.

Starting from this measurement (34x46), we must take into account that on each side of the file we must return 3cm, this is because that area will be used to fold the cover on the card.

We then create a "Safe Zone", in which we are going to position our subjects and all the sensitive elements (writings, etc.).

This does not mean that we have to leave a blank space between the safe area and the rest, the photo must still be set to full page, but we must take into account that within the 3cm the elements described above must be positioned.

For all the measurements you can refer to the attached pdf file, where you can find cover sizes for all formats.

N.B. if your order is a kit, you will need to make the cover both for the large photo book and for the small photo books, as the measurements are not exactly proportional.


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