General warranty conditions

The Service offered on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") is provided by Fotoclub s.r.l. (hereinafter the "Manager"), with headquarters in Viale Porto Torres 60 / A, Sassari - P.I. 02180380905

based on the following general conditions, drafted in compliance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.



The photo books provided by the company Fotoclub s.r.l. they are covered by a 12 month warranty starting from the delivery date (indicated in the sales note or immediate bill).

The warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear (in general all those parts subject to wear due to their normal use) as well as any damage caused as a result of impacts, falls, improper use, tampering or neglect of use by the customer.

In no case may defects in the material supplied under warranty give rise to insolvency or delay in payment.


The warranty is carried out at the main office of the company Fotoclub s.r.l or in our affiliated centers. The guarantee can also be carried out at the customer's site only in the event of a written agreement with the customer and against payment of the consideration.

After verifying that the anomaly of the photo book derives from an actual product defect, Fotoclub s.r.l will, in its sole discretion, repair or replace the machine as quickly as possible. The possibility of replacing the machine before attempting a repair is excluded.

In the event that the machine is replaced with another equivalent, the warranty will be the residual amount of the replaced machinery.


Returns are accepted only if authorized in advance and in compliance with the following procedure:

- At the time of finding defects or anomalies, the customer must contact Fotoclub s.r.l.

and describe the malfunction;

- One of our technicians will provide a first telephone intervention;


Fotoclub s.r.l rejects any responsibility for any type of damage, direct or indirect to things and / or persons resulting from the malfunction or incorrect use of the photo book supplied.


The warranty provided by Fotoclub s.r.l is 12 months from the invoice date or delivery date if prior.


The Manager and Users act in full autonomy and independence. The present Agreement does not therefore determine the onset of any relationship of collaboration, agency, association, intermediation or subordinate work.

7) Fotoclub srl reserves the right to change the shipping price, as some products have specific weight specifications and require an objective calculation.


Unless otherwise specified, the legal communications will be made to the Manager's registered office as indicated above and to the e-mail address provided by the user during the registration process or to the postal address indicated during the registration process.

Applicable law - Dispute resolution

These general conditions and the relationships between the Manager and the User are governed by Italian law. Any dispute concerning, arising from or in any way connected with these general conditions or the use of the Service will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Sassari, with express and concurrent exclusion of any other court that may be competent by law.

- The photo book must be received at our office by courier with shipping costs to be paid by the buyer - free port - and with the use of the original packaging.

- In the event that it is ascertained that the anomaly is not attributable to product defect, they will come in this case

charge the intervention costs (the hours necessary for diagnosis and tests).

- The lack of original packaging will void the warranty if at the discretion of the seller this could have compromised the integrity of the goods.

In the transport document of the photo book it is necessary to report the reason "warranty repair" and the order number

NB: Returns that do not comply with this will be rejected.