Fotoclub s.r.l.

We take care of our work in detail to ensure the customer a quality product

Fotoclub was born in 1980 in Sassari, by Antonio Maria Zidda who sees the possibility of creating a photographic market in the North of Sardinia. Over the years Fotoclub has specialized in the production of photo books and albums, making it one of the major regional producers. Our products are treated in detail in order to guarantee the customer an optimal yield and a quality product.

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    Our team

    • antonello.jpg

      Antonio Maria Zidda

      General Manager with 35 years of experience in the photographic sector. He knows all the processes and products in detail.

    • sandro_cadeddu.jpg

      Sandro Cadeddu

      Responsible for printing photo books. Correction of color, density and light are his daily bread.

    • paolo.jpg

      Paolo Frulio

      Sales manager. If you need help with any problem, it is at your disposal.

    • sandro_campus.JPG

      Sandro Campus

      Photobook production manager. He is the one who deals with the physical construction of the book and the covers.

      • annarita.jpg

        Anna Rita Farina

        Customer Service Manager. If you need help with any problem, it is at your disposal.

      • sonia.JPG

        Sonia Zidda

        Graphic Department

      • stefania.jpg

        Stefania Muzzu

        Graphic Department

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